Interior Design Consultation

Want to bring your own interior design concept to life but aren't sure where to start?

Our intensive 90-minute Room Review & Interior Design Consultation provides customized design feedback for one room in your home. We start the consultation by touring your space and discussing your primary design goals for the room. Next, we'll dive into what’s working in the room and what's not. We’ll answer your questions on furniture layout, review materials samples for a renovation project or offer general design recommendations based on what isn’t working for you. We'll give you a professional strategy for moving your project forward efficiently, so you can refine your timeline, scope and budget - the 3 most important features of a successful project!

During the Interior Design Consultation, we'll discuss…

  • Your goals for your project
  • What's working (and not working) for your currently in your home
  • How the space may not be functioning at its fullest capacity
  • Initial ideas on how to address your design challenges
  • Recommendations on areas to focus on that will give you the most return on your investment
  • Assistance in prioritizing or phasing your project over time

We'll give you a lot of ideas in this meeting, but we'll also do a lot of listening. We'll discuss the scope of your project in detail, as well as your budget and timeline to ensure up front those are realistically aligned with what you want to accomplish.

How to Prep Best for the Interior Design Consultation to Maximize Results:

  • We encourage you to bring inspiration images to this meeting to use as a communication tool to help us hone in on your needs, visions, tastes and expectations.

  • Gather all parties involved in this design project (spouse/partner, roommate, family, children, etc.) and have a conversation about your level of investment for this project BEFORE Barclay arrives. If you don't know 100%, that's okay. It's best to discuss how much time, energy and money you think you'd like to invest in this project so that Barclay can determine which design service would be best for you.

  • Get excited! Barclay Stone Interiors will develop and deliver your lifestyle goals from start to finish. We are one step closer to making your design dreams come true and that is something to get EXCITED about!